Kathy Tsapos Parmele MD, FACEP

Medical Education

Dr. Parmele received her BA in biochemistry magna cum laude from Harvard University. She then completed medical school at the University of Pennsylvania and Emergency Medicine Residency at the University of Pittsburgh. She practices community emergency medicine at CalvertHealth in Prince Frederick, MD.

Personal Wellness

Dr. Parmele is an endurance athlete in her spare time, having completed dozens of marathons, Ironman triathlons, and multiple other shorter-distance races. She is an avid home cook and as a Greek immigrant loves to teach others about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. She has also been practicing meditation and yoga since 2017 and is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge of their benefits. As a physician she is especially interested in helping other medical professionals achieve their own health and wellness goals in order to best be able to care for others in their practices and their communities.

Health and Wellness Coaching

As an active member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and as a member of the Council of Directors for True Health Initiative, a global coalition of health experts committed to educate people all over the world on the proven principles of lifestyle as medicine, Dr. Parmele understands that it's not your genes but rather your personal choices that determine 80% of your risk for chronic disease. As a WellCoaches Health and Wellness Coach specializing in Lifestyle Medicine and with a Harvard Institute of Lifestyle Medicine Certificate of Culinary Coaching she is trained to inspire, motivate, and work with you to help you reach your goals safely and effectively. She also believes that changes stick only when the journey is fun and exciting, so expect joy, laughter, and an energetic vitality to accompany you on your path to your Best Self!