Health and Wellness Coaching- Reaching Goals Together


As an emergency physician I am trained to save lives. In the last two decades I have treated tens of thousands of patients, many of whom I repeatedly treat for complications resulting from their chronic diseases. Unfortunately I am not alone in noticing that these diseases are appearing in younger patients every year. It is clear that as a society our lifestyle choices are significantly impacting our health.

Several years ago I noticed that it wasn't just my patients' health that was being affected. As our society was becoming more fast-paced and data-driven, the pressures to perform better and faster started to mount. This was starting to affect not just my patients but also my medical colleagues. I found myself questioning whether I had made the right career choice.

Fortunately my path of self-discovery has led me to health and wellness coaching. As a Greek immigrant I intrinsically understand the value of family and social connections, as well as the value of home cooking and a whole-food, plant-strong diet. As someone who performs in endurance sports I understand the importance of exercise and recovery. And as someone who was feeling burned out and stressed out I understand the power of meditation, contemplation, mindfulness and prayer in grounding our lives and helping us visualize our true purpose. Through this period of introspection I confirmed that I was meant to be a healer. My "why" is to help you discover and actualize yours.


Year-Round Offerings


Individual Coaching

Culinary Medicine Demos

Individual Coaching

Looking for more energy? Weight loss?Reversal of chronic disease? Stress and burnout reduction? Increased life satisfaction? Dr. Parmele will work personally with you one-on-one using the renowned WellCoaches format to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.


Group Education

Culinary Medicine Demos

Individual Coaching

In order to live a higher quality life, maintaining wellness is key. Dr. Parmele will share her personal and professional knowledge on culinary and nutrition medicine, exercise physiology, stress reduction, meditation and mindfulness, or any other health and wellness topic as a speaker at your next event.


Culinary Medicine Demos

Culinary Medicine Demos

Culinary Medicine Demos

Interested in hosting cooking demos and hands-on activities? Dr. Parmele is available to teach your group how to easily and quickly make delicious, healthy, affordable meals while teaching your group about the benefits of a whole foods, plant-strong lifestyle.


MED in the MED™ Health and Wellness Retreats

More than just another trip

Combine your love of learning with a trip to the Greek islands! Dr. Parmele is ready to teach you the evidence surrounding the key lifestyle factors that can be modified to promote healthy living. Find out how you can prevent, treat and reverse chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, then practice doing so by being led by Dr. Parmele and local experts.

These retreats will stimulate your mind, body, soul, and imagination. You will return home with not only an improved energy but with the knowledge and skills to live your BEST LIFE!

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Do you want to learn the secret (and the scientific evidence) behind boosting your longevity and vitality for a lifetime? Do you want to learn from a health and wellness expert while immersing yourself in the glorious sunshine and deep blue of the Mediterranean? Then join us at our next retreat!